Photography Projects


 SE5/SE15: Stories & Visions Of  Camberwell & Peckham

An ongoing project with talented local painter, Chanelle Riley, this is an abstract look at a place I have called home for the majority of my life: Peckham. The images vary from my own abstract take on Peckham to individual portraits of residence of Peckham and their own stories. 


A selection of these works was on display at the Cool Cats Cafe in Camberwell from August until September 2013 and in the Brick Brewery in Peckham from February 2018


 Hoo Peninsula - Haunting beauty

Hoo Peninsula is an area of Kent where the rivers Thames and Medway meet. It is an area of intriguing geology; miles of barren mashland, quarries, sand and clay hills and nature reserves interspersed by small towns and power stations. 


The area also has an odd feeling to it that over my time visiting the area, I still cannot define - Haunting? Post apocalyptic? Insular? or am I just an outsider who does not understand the nuances that make Hoo special?

Through these images I hope to answer some of these questions & portray the haunting beauty and history of Hoo.