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John’s love of photography started at a young age while watching his older brother, Peter, study old 35mm and medium format film photography while he was studying in the mid-1990s. John started shooting images as a keen enthusiast around 1998 documenting the skate and hardcore punk and metal scene which he was part of. He quickly realised that photography was more than just a hobby; a combination of positive feedback, encouragement from professional photographers and a passion for not just taking photographs, but the theory and technical skills behind the photographic process, reinforced his belief that photography would be a major part of his life.


A keen lover of music, poetry, hiking and conservation; he translates these influences in to his landscape and fine art work. Understanding nature’s balance between chaos, order, and human interaction are the threads that underpins his landscape work and he has travelled across the UK and Europe working on various projects through the years. Taking inspiration from photographic pioneers such as Charlie Waite, Joe Cornish and Andreas Gursky; John aims to evoke emotions, thought and appreciation of the world around us through his landscape and fine art images


SE15/SE5 Stories & Visions

Cool Cats Cafe Camberwell

- Aug 2013


Camberwell Arts Open Studios 

-Dec 2018

Water's Edge

Peckham Festival

- Sep 2019


ECAD London

- Apr 2021 - Sep 2021

London Art Fair '22

ECAD London

20 - 24 Apr 2022


ECAD London -

- Apr - May 2018

SE15/SE5 Stories & Visions -Camberwell Arts Festival

- Jun 2019

Red Rolled & Seen - Photography Collective - Peckham Festival

- Sep 2019

Art Of '1'

ECAD London

23 Feb - 08 May 2022

Photo London '22

Somerset House 

12 - 15 May 2022


Peckham Peculiar - Featured Interview May 2015

Tedx Peckham 2018 - Peckham Through a Lens

Jul 2018

Southwark Untold - Tate Exchange/Tate Modern 

Jun 2018


Representation by ECAD LONDON gallery, Peckham London, click below to view the ECAD London website

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