I Starting photography as a keen enthusiast in 2003, I quickly realised that photography was more than just a hobby; a combination of positive feedback, encouragement from professional photographers and a passion for not just taking photographs, but the theory and science behind photographic process, reinforced my belief that photography would be a major part of my life. 

After spending years perfecting my own style of photography and post production, I studied photography at the famous London College of Communication as well as being mentored by two fantastic photographers from South Korea: Marshall Kim and Jon Pak from the famed 'Team Healing Brush'. Through their mentoring I was able to improve my portraiture photography techniques and define my own unique style.

I have always been a keen lover of music, poetry, hiking and fine art. These interests are a huge inspiration for me and I translate these influences in to my landscape work. I have travelled around the UK and Europe capturing a range of different styles and undertaking various landscape and social documentary projects.

I have delivered multiple talks regarding my philosophy behind my landscape and my project work, to local photo clubs in and around London, to local schools and in 2018 I was Tedx Peckham speaker where I discussed my project in to the the changes around Peckham.

I have been working freelance for a number of years and have been involved in a range of projects for a large and diverse number of clients including Transport for London, The Camberwell Free Film Festival, The Camberwell Food & Drink Festival, and a range of local businesses. My work has also been featured in the Daily Telegraph, One Stop Arts website and more.



Secret Cinema - Back to the Future

Peculiar Publications - Peckham Peculiar, Lewisham Ledger, Dulwich Diverter

Lewisham People's Day 2018

MMCL London

Touch In-Sol cosmetics

Vincent Longo For LFW

Transport For London

Southwark Council (Mind your own business initiative)

Camberwell Free Film Festival

Camberwell Food Festival

Suddenly Seeking The Exit Production

Hartnells Quality Solicitors

OG Lifestyle & Fitness

Pegasus Opera


Kim Morgan - Press & Marketing


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