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Welcome... A long time coming!!

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

After an eternity of trying to decide whether or not to create a blog and whether or not the world would want to hear what I've got to say, I thought 'what the hell' and have gone for it!!

Who Am I?

If you have time to read my bio, section of my website, you find out that I born and bred in glorious vistas of South London, Peckham to be exact. Peckham has gone through tremendous, tremendous change since my days of youth. It's sometime hard to believe that I am 39 years old and changes are part of the natural path of the world. But at same time I do miss a lot of the old trappings of what the old Peckham used to be like.

Photography became an interest for me, thanks to my Big brother, Peter. I look up to him a lot. He studied fine art and photography in school and college in the late 90s and a spark was lit since then.

Over the years I have done a number of commercial projects and the 'W' word - weddings but my passion has always been in landscape and fine art photography.

Hence why I decided to separate my work in two; a specific fine art/landscape website and a commercial (people based) website - which is currently in the works.

I have been shooting landscape 'seriously' since 2007. Over the years, gear has changed, styles have evolved and my family has grown so a lot of what I do now has to be on a strict budget, which, for a photographer in and industry where GAS - gear acquisition syndrome runs extremely high, can be very tough at time. Though at the same time, I do believe, unless you are doing specific types of photography or if you are printing huge, some older cameras are more than capable of doing the job.


Gear...The all important gear I know some people who almost have as much pleasure from buying their gear as they do taking images. It can be addictive, and bloody well expensive!! I have always shot with Canon digital DSLRs starting with the 40D, then made the huge jump in 2009 with the Canon 1Ds MkIII (a £4000+ investment at the time) and had a number of other canon bodies as a second camera to the 1Ds.

Due to me also being a commercial portrait photographer as well working on landscapes I also have a range of lenses which cover all bases. from ultra wide angle to telephoto

Current Camera bodies:

Canon 1Ds MkIII

Canon 5Dsr

Current Camera Lenses:

Sigma 14mm F/2.8 DG

Canon 16-35mm F/2.8L

Canon 16-35mm F/4L

Canon 24-70mm F/2.8L

Canon 45mm F/2.8 tse

Canon 50mm F/1.4

Canon 70-200mm F/2.8L II

Canon 85mm F/1.2L II

Canon 100mm Macro F/2.8L

Canon 135mm F2L

I currently also use a Vanguard tripod and an old Indruo tripod given to me by my friend and talent photographer, Karl Holtby.


It's everybody's dream to be an ultra successful landscape photographer, travelling the world, taking photos of he most amazing sunrise and sunsets, hiking and camping like Ben Horne, Anthony Spencer or Simon Booth, but having a young family and a tight budget, I have to be realistic. These days I now predominately shoot around the UK, but there are plans afoot to go further afield again (lets see how Brexit and corona virus will affect future travel plans)

My wish is to create imagery that will relax, inspire and add a little something special to those who view them. Whether the images are of the coast at sunrise or an urban cityscape; there is much beauty to be found in the world around us and I hope that I can share my perspective of this world with you.

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